Competition Rules

  • Participants may compete as either an individual or on a team of up to 4 people.
  • During each Pump, participants will have two hours to climb. All participants will climb at the same time. They are allowed to observe other climbers prior to their attempts. Participants may work on problems during the week as well.
  • Participants may discuss problems amongst each other. Participants must start the problem from the start holds.
  • Participants use “honor” to witness and score their own climb and the record the result on their scorecard.
  • Participants choose which and how many of the problems they will attempt, and they get as many attempts as time permits. Although participants can climb as many problems as they want, only their top five problems will be scored.

Points Format

  • The total number of points from participants’ top five boulder problems will be entered to determine their score (winner).
  • Individual scoring: Participants must compete in at least 6 of the 11 series over the course of the summer to be eligible for the Pump Finals prizes; The top score on the Pump Finals night is the winner for each individual award prizes.
  • Team scoring: The cumulative scores from participating team members will be totaled on the Pump Finals night; the team’s final score for each pump will be calculated by dividing the points accumulated by the top 3 team members. For Co-ed teams one of the 3 members must be of the opposite gender to win. As with the individual scoring, teams must compete in at least 6 of the 11 series over the course of the summer.

Awards Format

  • There are awards for:
    Individual: Men, Women, Youth (Girls and Boys)
    Teams: Men, Women, Youth, and Co-ed
  • Additional raffle prizes awarded at every Pump!